They Came All The Way From Leeds, N.D.

Wednesday, October 9, we had visitors from Leeds High School.  Mrs. Moser, Mr. Moser and the sophomore and junior students came to the Grand Forks Herald to learn about the newspaper and explore career opportunities.  They participate in the Herald’s Newspapers in Education Program. They are pictured here in front of the Herald’s printing press. Thanks for making the long trip to see us!

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  1. Sheila Moser

    Thanks for the opportunity to learn outside the classroom. Special thanks to the staff members that stopped their normal routines to visit with our students. The feedback the next day told me that they were listening well… though sometimes students look like they are in dreamland, they are busy absorbing. Most said they wish they could see the press at work at midnight…. ha (I’m thinking they were trying to get out of going to sleep at all! )

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