Newspaper Activity – Math Scavenger Hunt

Here is a math scavenger hunt you can use with the newspaper. Activities are from the guide “By the Numbers: Mathematical Connections in Newspapers for Middle-Grade Students”  produced by the Newspaper Association of America Foundation.

To download click here

See if you can find each of these math related items in the newspaper. Write down what you found and the page on which you found it.

1.  A fraction

2.  A money amount less than $1.00

3.  A date other than today’s

4.  A five-digit number

5.  A decimal that is not an amount of money

6.  A store giving a discount of 20 percent or more

7.  An ad larger than half of the newspaper page

8.  A temperature higher than 40 degrees

9.  A number written as a word (“one”)

10. An odd number greater than 100

11. An even number less than 100