Family Literacy Activities With The Newspaper

Activities are from the National Center for Family Literacy (, a nonprofit organization recognized as the leader in family literacy development. (NAA 2007 literacy tab, Newspapers Give People Knowledge and Guidance.)

1.  Help your child write a letter to a family member. Ask her to tell about her day. Take the letter to the post office or closest mailbox, and mail it.

2.  Read a newspaper article together. Ask whether the important ideas were at the beginning or the end of the article.

3.  Plan a weekend outing to the park. Check the weather map each day that week to see what the weather forecast is and how it changes.

4.  Pretend to be a newspaper reporter and interview your child about her favorite book. Ask all the “W” questions – who, what, where, when and why.

5.  Talk about a photo in the newspaper. Ask your child what he thinks is happening in the photo. What might have happened right before the photo was taken? Right after?

6.  Cut out some numbers from the newspaper. Ask your child to put them in order from smallest to largest. Leave a number out of a group of consecutive numbers. Ask your child which number is missing. (Do this counting by twos or fives).