Awesome Authors’ Book Reviews Weeks 1 & 2

Awesome Authors is a summer school creative writing class offered, by the Grand Forks Public School District.  Laura Knox teaches the class, for students in Kindergarten through Second Grade.  Class members participate in writing projects, art projects, field trips, and a class blog, which can be found at: or by searching Laura Knox Awesome Authors.

Each summer, students in the Awesome Authors class, tour the Grand Forks Herald offices.  They visit with many Herald staff members to learn about their jobs. This year, the Awesome Authors were invited to write reviews of some of the new and/or popular children’s books from their school library.  They were thrilled to have this opportunity to share a writing project and the pictures they drew pictures to accompany their reviews.

Here are the first of their reviews and illustrations which appeared in the Grand Forks Herald on Sundays, July 19 & 27. They will be published every Sunday in the Herald for the next 6 weeks.