Letters To The Editor Newspaper Activity

Here is a current events activity you can do using the newspaper.  The activity is from “Your Newspaper,Your Town Hall”  Provided by NCPF, NIE for National Newspaper Week, 2005. Written and compiled by Sandra Cook, Ed.D., N.C. Press Foundation, Newspapers in Education with contributions from Mary Miller, New York.


Citizens speak out through their newspapers. Locate the Letters to the Editor in your

How many letters do you find?

Who wrote the letters?

What are the topics?

Choose a letter that you think is very convincing. What makes this letter effective?

FOLLOW-UP: Write a letter to the editor about a concern you have.

Here’s how to get a Letter to the Editor at the Grand Forks Herald:

EMAIL: tdennis@gfherald.com

WRITE:  Letters to the Editor, Grand Forks Herald, Box 6008, Grand Forks, ND 58206-6008

CALL:  Opinion Editor Tom Dennis at (701)780-1276 or (800)477-6572, ext. 1276

You must leave your name, address and a daytime phone number for verification.  Letters with fewer than 250 words are preferred.  We correct spelling and grammar, and we edit letters as needed for length.