Spring Cleaning

Information and activities are from the NIE guide, A Plan For All Seasons: Using newspapers in grades 3-8 to make the most of holidays and seasonal events. Written by Ann West, NIE Consultant and distributed by the NIE Institute.

This is the time of year when people start thinking about spring cleaning the house and making any necessary repairs to the inside and the outside.  At times, cleaning and repair work can be done by professionals who offer such services.  The newspaper’s classified ads usually publish a service directory.  This directory has information placed by people who do general cleaning and repair or offer services in a specialty area.


1. Work with a partner to identify some of the typical household cleaning and repair projects that are often done around the house (or condo, or apartment, etc.).  Be specific as you prepare your list of six things that should be done around the house or yard.  An example is given to start you on your way to creating a “to do” list.

2. After you have completed your list, scan the classified ads in your newspaper to find services or goods and materials that could help you complete each task.  Clip the actual ad and tape it beside each task in the list.  A different ad should be used for each task.