Thank You Letters

20151028_144512rI received some wonderful thank you letters and drawings from Alice Smith and her 5th grade students, who came to tour the Grand Forks Herald in late October.  I don’t have space to print all of the letters, so I’ll just share the one from the teacher.

Dear Sue and employees of The Herald,
You all made such an impression on my group of readers and writers last week.  I very much appreciate the time each department took to share what they do and the types of skills needed to get the job done.  They are so proud to be working on the writing piece for the special section.  Sue, your time and effort were invaluable!
Thank you! 
Alice Smith, 5th grade teacher
Ben Franklin Elementary, Grand Forks


Here are just a few of the pictures from the students:

Kayla Tibbetts Nov 2015Kiran Lee Nov 2015Summer Goroski Nov 2015
Taylor D. Nov 2015
Madysen Butts 01 Nov 2015
Madysen Butts Nov 2015
The students are also working on a special project with the Herald.  They have written letters with the theme “What I am Thankful For”  which will be published in the paper on Thanksgiving Day.  Don’t miss it!