Thanksgiving Newspaper Scavenger Hunt

Check out this newspaper scavenger hunt. See how many of the following Thanksgiving-related items you can find in your newspaper:

1. A food that you’d like to eat for Thanksgiving

2. A place you’d like to visit during Thanksgiving

3. Something for which you’re thankful this year

4. Information about a Thanksgiving-related event in your area

5. Someone who has reason to be thankful this year

6. The word “thanks” or “Thanksgiving” in today’s newspaper

7. The word “turkey” or a photo or graphic of one

8. The thing in today’s news that you think the first Thanksgiving guests would be surprised by the most

Provided by Emily R. Workman, NiE Program Director, The Benton County Daily Record & Northwest Arkansas Times, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Northwest Arkansas Edition and distributed by the NIE Institute. 

Download the page by clicking here