Leap Year Day

A Leap Year happens once every four years. To make the calendar year about the same as the solar year (the time it takes for the sun to pass the vernal equinox twice), leap years were added. It occurs every year that can be divided evenly by four, unless those years mark the even hundreds, such as 1500.

Find out if any of your students were born on a leap year or if they know someone who was. Ask them to figure the student’s or acquaintance’s age in leap years. Now, have students look through the newspaper archives for news that occurred in leap years, then have them make a poster of Leap Year News.  Information is from KRP’s Ultimate Holiday Activity Guide distributed by the NIE Institute.

Be sure to check out the Leap Day article in the Feb. 29 issue of the Grand Forks Herald by Wade Rupard.

For more information on Leap Year visit: http://www.factmonster.com/spot/leapyear1.html