Veterans Day Resource

The men and women who have served in the United States armed forces have their own special day each year. Veterans Day, which coincides with the anniversary of the end of World War I in 1918, is a time to celebrate American veterans’ patriotism and willingness to sacrifice their lives for our country.

At first, Veterans Day was called Armistice Day and was set aside to honor veterans
of World War I.
It was changed in 1954 to include veterans of all wars. In 1968, with the
passing of the Uniform Holiday Bill, Veterans Day was slated to be celebrated on the
fourth Monday in October. That move proved so unpopular that the official Veterans Day
holiday was returned to Nov. 11 in 1975.

• As Veterans Day approaches, watch your newspaper for stories about local veterans. Ask students to read the stories and underline quotes that illustrate pride, patriotism, and love for our country.

• Invite a veteran to speak to your class about his or her experiences. Prior to your guest’s visit, have students make a list of reporter’s questions to ask and, afterward, write a story based on what they learned.

• Have students look through the newspaper for stories about world conflict. Ask: Are United States servicemen or women involved in any way? If so, ask students to identify the U.S. role in the conflict.

Activities are from KRP’s Ultimate Holiday Activity Guide from the NIE Institute.

Here is an informative guide on the World War II Memorial in Washington,D.C.  from The Washington Times. 

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