Fisher 5th Graders

Peggy Hanson and her 5th grade students from Fisher, Minn. came to visit the Grand Forks Herald on Thursday, 5/21/15. They are pictured here in front of the printing press at the Herald production plant.  I asked the students what their favorite part of the newspaper was and received many replies, such as: “comics”, “sports”, “the whole newspaper”, and “obituaries”.


Memorial Day Resources


Memorial Day, which is observed on the last Monday of May, commemorates the men and women who died while in the military service.  In observance of the holiday, many people visit cemeteries and memorials, and volunteers often place American flags on each grave site at national cemeteries.

Here are some Memorial Day Resources

Class of 2015

Don’t miss the Class of 2015 High School keepsake section in Sunday’s Grand Forks Herald (5/17/15). This special section will feature graduates from high schools throughout the Grand Forks Herald’s circulation area in North Dakota and Minnesota.  Grand Forks Herald subscribers will receive the section in their Sunday paper. If you’re not a subscriber, you can purchase a copy at your local newsstand.

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Mother’s Day word search

This Sunday is Mother’s Day – a holiday that honors mothers for their love and dedication to their families.  Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May each year.

Take the time to interview your mom, grandmother, aunt or other special person.  Then write a feature story about her.

Here’s a Mother’s Day word search puzzle.

Click here to download and print. 

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Welcome Larimore 5th Graders!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015, the 5th grade students from Larimore, N.D. visited the Grand Forks Herald production plant. They are pictured here with their teacher Diann Rudolf in the “Yellow” or CTP room where the plates are made for the printing press.


We also took a picture in the mailroom.  These students and their teacher participate in the Grand Forks Herald’s Newspapers in Education program.



Mother’s Day Projects

Sunday is Mother’s Day – a holiday that honors mothers for their love and dedication to their families.  Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May each year.  Here are some fun Mother’s Day projects from Kid News and Family Fun Magazine.  

To download the page click here

(Note:  If you are going to print the page, check the fit to page setting  on your printer.  The page is bigger than letter size.)

May Day

Information is from KRP’s The Ultimate Holiday Activity Guide distributed by the NIE Institute

May Day (cultural/religious)
The first day of May marks the traditional arrival of spring and has been celebrated as a holiday in Europe since ancient times. It was often marked with spring festivals, dancing around the Maypole, and the gathering of flowers — traditions that continue today. In the United States, such May Day festivities are usually reserved for schoolchildren.

Since the 1880s, May Day has also been a workers’ holiday, or Labor Day, in most countries, evolving from the struggle for the eight-hour work day. It resembles the U.S. Labor Day holiday in September.
The Puritans, members of a religious and social group that spread to the United States when it was first settled, disapproved of the May Day festivities. Therefore, the holiday has never been celebrated with enthusiasm in the United States.

Ask students to research this ancient holiday to find out why the Puritans disapproved of May Day. Then have them assume the identity of an American settler and write an editorial or letter to the editor that might have persuaded the Puritans to rethink their position and allow May Day festivities to proceed. Prior to the assignment, point them to the editorial pages in the newspaper for examples of persuasive writing.

May Math

From the NIE guide, A Plan for All Seasons” distributed by the NIE Institute.

The month of May can be a busy one for anyone who is buying gifts for Mother’s Day or school graduations. May is often the month when people also start looking for Father’s Day gifts or gifts for June weddings.

The newspaper is an important resource for many who have several gifts to purchase and very few dollars to spend.  If a reader looks through the retail (display) and the classified ads, a good bargain may be waiting for just the right customer.

Here are some activities you can use with the newspaper on calculating savings on items in ads.

1.  Create a list of some the gifts that you or others in your family plan to buy in the month of May. 

2.  Use your newspaper to find an advertisement for something that would be appropriate for each person on your gift list.  Find the gifts that are on sale at a certain percentage off the regular price.  The regular price must also be included in the ad.  Make a chart using the following headings:

Person              Gift             Regular Price     Percentage Off         Reduced Price

Total cost (Regular Price)                           Total cost (Reduced Price)

Total Amount Saved with Sales Price

3. When you complete your work, calculate the total amount you would spend at the regular price and at the sale price.  You may want to add in any local or state taxes.

Newspaper activities for May 2015

Check out these daily lesson plans using the newspaper for the month of May. This calendar provides a subject specific focus for each day of the week with activities for every school day of the month: Monday – Language Arts, Tuesday – Social Studies, Wednesday – Math, Thursday – Science, Friday – Newspaper Information.

To download the calendar, click here