Letters to the Editor Newspaper Activity

Here is a current events activity you can do using the newspaper.  The activity is from “Your Newspaper,Your Town Hall”  Provided by NCPF, NIE for National Newspaper Week, 2005. Written and compiled by Sandra Cook, Ed.D., N.C. Press Foundation, Newspapers in Education with contributions from Mary Miller, New York.


Citizens speak out through their newspapers. Locate the Letters to the Editor in your

How many letters do you find?

Who wrote the letters?

What are the topics?

Choose a letter that you think is very convincing. What makes this letter effective?

FOLLOW-UP: Write a letter to the editor about a concern you have.

Here’s how to get a Letter to the Editor at the Grand Forks Herald:

EMAIL: tdennis@gfherald.com

WRITE:  Letters to the Editor, Grand Forks Herald, Box 6008, Grand Forks, ND 58206-6008

CALL:  Opinion Editor Tom Dennis at (701)780-1276 or (800)477-6572, ext. 1276

You must leave your name, address and a daytime phone number for verification.  Letters with fewer than 250 words are preferred.  We correct spelling and grammar, and we edit letters as needed for length.

100 Tips for Parents

Here’s a guide parents should check out from the North Dakota State Parent Information Resource Center.  It’s called “100 Tips for Parents.”  These tips have been created to help you become more involved in your child’s education. Topics include everything from homework tips to what to ask at parent & teacher conferences.  As a more involved parent, you improve your child’s chances to be successful in school. For each topic, you will find suggestions for how you can obtain additional information and assistance.

Download the 24-page guide by clicking here

Newspaper Activities for September 2014

Check out these daily lesson plans using the newspaper for the month of September. This calendar provides a subject specific focus for each day of the week with activities for every school day of the month: Monday – Language Arts, Tuesday – Social Studies, Wednesday – Math, Thursday – Science, Friday – Newspaper Information.

To download the September calendar click here


Getting acquainted with your newspaper

Here are a few activities to help your students become familiar with the newspaper.  These activities are taken from the following publication:  National Newspaper Foundation: Newspaper In Education – A Guide for Weekly/Community Newspapers.

To download a pdf of this worksheet, click here



Labor Day is a federal holiday. There is usually no work or school on this day and it is the unofficial end of summer. But why is it called Labor Day?  

This is what I found in the NIE Ultimate Holiday Activity Guide, written by Terri Darr McLean and produced by KRP, Inc.

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is the day we celebrate America’s working men and women and their social and economic achievements. Although some labor groups sponsor celebrations, Labor Day for most people is a day of rest and recreation. It also has become a symbol for the last day of summer.

• Students will enjoy learning about the many jobs held by America’s workers. Start by pointing them to the classified ads section of the newspaper. Have them identify as many different jobs listed as possible within a set amount of time.

• Explain to students that the American labor force is made up of four occupational groups: white-collar workers (clerical, professional and technical, sales, managers), blue-collar work-ers (operatives, craftworkers), service workers (private household, etc.), and farm, forestry, and fishing workers. Next, have students categorize the help wanted ads in the newspaper according to these occupational groups. What conclusions can they draw about jobs in their community?

Ask each student to write a classified ad for his or her “dream job.”

• Allow students to do some career matchmaking for their favorite comic strip characters. Remind them to consider the characters’ traits, likes and dislikes, and other factors that might determine their career choices. As an extension activity, have students write letters of recommendation for their characters.

Awesome Authors’ Book Reviews Week 5

Today’s featured Awesome Authors’ book reviews and illustrations are from Cora Kirby-Gable, age 8 and Fiona Hendrickson, age 6.  These appeared in the Grand Forks Herald on Sunday, August 17.

Book reviews from the Awesome Authors will be published every Sunday in the Herald for the next 3 weeks.

Tips to prepare for school – Part 3

Here is Part 3.  School will be starting soon. Here are some quick tips to help parents and kids get ready for the upcoming school year from McClatchy-Tribune.

Setting the family alarm clock to hit those early, early — did we mention early? — morning classes is only part of the challenge of going back to school.

OK, first, you have to pick out that crucial first day outfit. Not too fussy. Not too plain.

After that, there are lots of questions for kids and parents. What do you need to know about school? What are some healthful snacks and lunches? What questions should parents ask their kids about their day? How do parents help establish good study habits?

Today we will look at health and nutrition, super snacks, a good night’s sleep, staying  in shape and lunches.


Awesome Authors Week 4

Today’s featured Awesome Authors’ book reviews and illustrations are from Grace Carriere and Eleece Reilly.  These appeared in the Grand Forks Herald on Sunday, August 10.

Book reviews from the Awesome Authors will be published every Sunday in the Herald for the next 4 weeks.