Elections Word Search

In celebration of election day, here’s a word search with words relating to the election. Print out and enjoy! To download click here 

Election Day Resource

Tuesday, November 4 is Election Day. It isn’t a presidential election year, but there are still items to be voted on. Here is a great resource for using the newspaper to teach younger students about elections. It is called Election Primary and was written by Debbie Lerner and Eileen Bergman, Educators with Ann West, NIE…
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The Weight Of The Election

The weight of the election: an MCT OnePage, from the Chicago Tribune, analyzes the tossup states in the 2012 U.S. presidential election.  In the race for the White House, current projections put President Barack Obama slightly ahead of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.  Nine swing states, accounting for 110 electoral votes, will ultimately decide the…
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Newspaper Election Activities

The newspaper is the perfect tool for teachers to use this fall with the upcoming November elections. Here are some newspaper election activities from the NIE guide “Electing the President: a Guide to the Election Process” from the NIE Institute. To download a pdf to print, visit:   http://bit.ly/PnujgD

The Final Vote: The Electoral College

What is the Electoral Vote?  How many Electoral votes does each state have?  In most elections, the candidate with the most votes wins. But when it comes to picking a U.S. president, things aren’t quite that simple. Weeks after Election Day, a group of 538 people called the Electoral College will actually elect the president.…
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