March Is Women’s History Month

Information and activities are from KRP’s The Ultimate Holiday Activity Guide.” March is National Women’s History Month Schools and communities have been celebrating March as Women’s History Month since 1987. As you plan your classroom celebration, consider creating a bulletin board display of women in history or publishing a Women’s History Month newsletter. You could…
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Holiday Season Newspaper Activities

Looking for some activities to do in the classroom? Here are some ideas from the NIE Institute. The actvities cover a variety of subjects from art to social studies. ART: During the holiday season, many gifts are exchanged between friends and family. Students can use your newspaper (including advertisements and regular content) to create personal…
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Halloween Word Search

Have a safe and happy Halloween!  Here’s a word search you can print and share. Click here to download  

Halloween Safety

Here are some Halloween safety tips from to keep your little ghouls and goblins safe. 1. Choose a light-colored costume or add glow-in-the-dark tape to the front and back of the costume so your kids can be easily seen. 2. Don’t buy a costume unless it’s labeled “flame-retardant.” This means the material won’t burn.…
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Tips For Choosing And Using School Backpacks

Here are some tips for choosing and using school backpacks from 1. Look for a backpack with two padded straps that go over your shoulders. The wider the straps, the better. 2. Backpacks with multiple compartments can also help distribute the weight more evenly. 3. Use your locker. Try not to load up on…
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