Winter Word Search

December 22nd is the first day of winter!  How many words related to winter can you find in the puzzle below?  Click here to download and print the puzzle

Earth Day Word Search

April 22 is Earth Day. The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970.  For more kid friendly information click here.  Here is an Earth Day word search puzzle.  To download and print, click here

What’s In A Word?

From KRP’s What’s in a Word NIE supplement from the NIE Institute.  What’s in a Word?  Probably more than you think. Take the word word, for instance. Word is more than 10 centuries old. It’s related to the Germanic word wort. It’s also related to verbum (Latin for “word”) and eirein (Greek for “to say or to…
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Sight Word Activities Using The Newspaper

Information and activities are from the NIE Institute. Fry’s Instant Sight Words and the Newspaper This resource provides the first 600 sight words identified by Dr. Edward Fry as important for students to learn through about 4th grade and in adult education, with practice phrases and sentences, and a variety of newspaper activities. Download the…
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Word Search Basketball/Hockey/Wrestling Tournaments

In celebration of the many sporting events happening in the area, here’s a tournament word search! To download and print, click on the following link: