Thanksgiving Word Search

Looking for an activity for the kids (or adults) to do while waiting to eat on Thanksgiving? Here is a word search I created with words that relate to Thanksgiving. Print as many copies as you like. Enjoy your holiday and remember to count your blessings! Click here to download the puzzle

Word Search Puzzle

Do you like word search puzzles? Here’s one I put together using words related to the newspaper. Enjoy! Click here to download and print 

Newspaper Jumble

Here is a quick and easy word activity for your students…the Jumble puzzle in the newspaper. I was reminded of this when Mrs. Olsen and her high school mass communications students from Roseau were here for a tour last week.  Mrs. Olsen uses the Herald as a teaching tool in her classroom. She was telling…
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Haiku Contest

Are you looking for a fun project for your students? How about submitting an entry in the Valentine’s Day Haiku Poetry Contest!  Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry, generally consisting of 17 syllables in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. English haiku does not adhere to this strict syllable count,…
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What’s The Word?

Readers of newspapers may come across words from time to time that are unfamiliar. The meaning of  “new” words can be guessed from the way the word is used in the sentence or paragraph.  This process is often referred to as the meaning of a word in “context.”  It’s a good idea to confirm the…
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