What’s Black And White And Read All Over?

It’s the newspaper, of course.  Unfortunately, some people can’t read the newspaper or even the word “STOP” on the big red sign at the end of the road. The inability to read is a problem for millions of people throughout this country. But even if you think you’ve mastered the skill, think again. Learning to…
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The Five W’s

Have you ever heard of the Five W’s: Who? What? When? Where? and Why? When it comes to the news, these are five important questions that are asked — and answered — so you and other readers can truly know what’s going on. To download this sheet, click here Information is from KRP’s NIE Guide,…
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Awesome Authors’ Book Reviews Week 3

Today’s featured Awesome Authors’ book reviews and illustrations are from Bryanna Barkhouse and Arista Welsh.  These appeared in the Grand Forks Herald on Sunday, August 1. Book reviews from the Awesome Authors will be published every Sunday in the Herald for the next 5 weeks.  

Luke In A Really Big Pickle FREE Resource

In celebration of NIE week, I would like to share with you a special Newspapers in Education tab, called “Luke in a Really Big Pickle.” This fun story is about a nine-year old boy named Luke and his new talking dog Pickles. This tab can be used by anyone to enhance reading skills. In addition…
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Week 7 Awesome Authors

Awesome Authors is a summer school creative writing class offered, by the Grand Forks Public School District. Laura Knox teaches the class, for students in Kindergarten through Second Grade. Class members participate in writing projects, art projects, field trips, and a class blog. Each summer, students in the Awesome Authors class, tour the Grand Forks…
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